Frequently Asked Questions



1. Who needs a Financial Advisor?
Everyone can benefit from a financial advisor.  From a parent planning for a child’s education, to a baby boomer planning for retirement, to a retiree contemplating long term care. Life is full of challenges and decisions, and it is advantageous to have a trusted professional available to assist you in achieving your financial goals. At Legacy Investment Strategies, we strive to prepare you for the phases of life – accumulation, income and distribution.

2. What makes you different?
We are active money managers with an emphasis on wealth preservation strategies. We strive to achieve slow and steady gains for our clients. At Legacy Investment Strategies, we recognize the devastating effect that a bear market can have on a portfolio and we employ defensive strategies to avoid declining markets.

3. How does Legacy select investments for my portfolio?
At Legacy we feel that the most important part of portfolio design is based on your risk profile.  We will design a portfolio that takes into consideration your income needs and the growth rate needed to achieve your long term goals.  We may also use strategies to either hedge against portfolio risk or insure portions of your portfolio against market decline.

4. How are you compensated?
Fees are typically based on a percentage of your total account value.  We do not charge hourly rates for our services.  For your fee you will receive full access to your financial advisor.  We recommend meeting with your advisor on an annual basis but more frequent meetings are offered if you desire.  We also work with your CPA and estate planning attorney at no additional charge.

5. Is there a charge for an initial meeting?
At Legacy we welcome the opportunity to explain our services to prospective clients.  It can sometimes take several meetings to develop a comprehensive investment strategy tailored to your needs.  We do not charge you for this service and you are under no obligation to implement our recommendations.

6. Are you affiliated with a Broker Dealer?
Yes, advisors are representatives of Crown Capital Securities, L.P. Crown Capital Securities is an independent broker/dealer and registered member FINRA/SIPC, based in Orange, California. Crown Capital Securities, L.P. is also registered as an investment advisor.

7. What does it mean to be an independent broker/dealer?
As an independent broker/dealer, Crown Capital Securities, L.P. is not owned by or affiliated with any other company. This gives the representatives of Crown the freedom to select from an extensive array of products when making an investment recommendation. There is no incentive to recommend one investment over another based on a relationship between the broker/dealer and the investment company.


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