What’s In a Name? The key word in our name is Legacy.

Investment Puzzle After more than 32 years in the industry I feel that is my most important role as an advisor. That is, to help you leave a legacy to those whom you love and give meaning to your lives.

Children, grandchildren, relatives, friends, churches, charities, educational institutions, and others are all potential beneficiaries of our respective legacies. And I don’t just mean money, investments, and assets. I believe the most meaningful parts of our legacy include intangible qualities like values, traditions, ethics, morals and life’s lessons learned. We aim to assist you in transferring as much of those things as possible to your worthy recipients.

“Investments” appears in the name as a matter of necessity since that is where we store your wealth to sustain you for a lifetime. “Strategies” addresses how we go about the process of making your investments last a lifetime. I’m convinced that the traditional concept of diversification (i.e. owning a wide variety asset classes which do not move in lockstep with one another) while important, is less important than diversification by strategy.

That brings us back to LEGACY.

Jim Olsen, CFP

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